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Vintage 2019...
First Update

June Bloom for September Grapes at Preston Wine

For the second straight year there are predictions for a large wine grape crop in California.  Because of cool weather at present, the crop will come in about two weeks later than normal.  Good rainfall totals have succeeded in developing a mostly healthy situation in the vineyards. 

We will update as developments evolve and by late August we should know all the options available for Harvest 2019.

Stay tuned..... 

In Vino Veritas,
Mac MacDonald and
your PrestonWine Team

(updated 2019-07-20)

We're part of the Preston Hardware Family.....

Preston Hardware, located at 248 Preston Street, Ottawa, in the heart of Little Italy, is Canada’s largest Independent hardware store. The store was founded in 1945 and has been a  banner.  

From September to December, PrestonWine offers a large selection of grapes and juices from California, Washington State and, more recently, Spain. Our premium grape selection is centered on Lodi California - the “Bread Basket” of grape production in that state. Virtually every other wine region in that state uses Lodi fruit to a maximum of 20% in their wines. The hillsides of Amador County and El Dorado County are also offered as premium fresh grape choices for the home winemaker.

On the frozen must and juice side, we offer each year popular grape varieties from Spain and occasionally pails from Brehm Vineyards based in White Salmon, Washington. Brehm Vineyards is considered the top source for frozen grapes and juices and they access fruit mainly from Colombia Gorge, Washington, as well as Sonoma and Napa Valley, California.

Of course, we also offer other popular priced fresh grapes and juices from California’s Central Valley as well as wine supplies and equipment.

We at wish you and your winemaking partners a  Great Vintage New Year.

in vino veritas,

Mac MacDonald and
PrestonWine Team

(dated 2019-01-05)



Field sorting Zinfandel at Noma Ranch (Lodi)
(crtsy: LoCa: The Wines of Lodi, CA)


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(updated 2018-09-04)

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